Beaurepaire United Church

About Our Church

We’re helping people connect with each other and God.

With a rich history of community and spiritual enlightenment, the proud heritage of Beaurepaire United and Union Church Ste-Annes comes together.

Union Church

Upcoming Events

28 April

Cheryl Gelsthorpe

  Union Church, 24 Maple St, St.-Anne-de-Bellevue

  Sunday, 10:30 am

5 May

Morgan Arboretum Outdoor/Earth Day Service

   Conservation Centre

  Sunday, 10:30 am

11 May


    Beaurepaire United Church, 25 Ave. Fieldfare, Beaconsfield

  Saturday 10 a.m. - 12 p.m.

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Friendly Atmosphere

We are happy to welcome anyone into our community who wants to participate and belong!

Interesting Events

Our church has a schedule of  spiritual events, all to boost your serenity!

New People

Visit our church and meet dozens of new friends, all of whom follow the “love thy neighbor” principle!