Important announcement!
Simultaneous online and in-person components in Worship during the time of COVID-19

Merging Waters is integrating in-person worship during this ongoing COVID-19 pandemic!

We worship together Sundays simultaneously in person and online.

Want to join Merging Waters at 10:30 a.m. services on Sundays?

We have established protocols and prepared the space for worshipper safety.
Please review the following important information, follow all instructions and if you have questions, ask an usher.

Before the service

●       Starting Sunday Dec 19th all activities require vaccine passports with proof of full vaccination.
         Admitance to all functions including worship require that you bring your vaccine passport/proof
         of full vaccination and ID with you.

●       If you have symptoms (cough, fever), or have had symptoms in the past two weeks, stay home. 
         Worship is still available online with links always available at 

●       Wear a mask.

●       Sanitize your hands at the entrance.


In the sanctuary


●       Please arrive early to give time for an orderly entry and to ensure seating availability

●       Enter through the main sanctuary door and take your seat as quickly as possible while maintaining appropriate 
         physical distancing.

●       2-metre spacing between individuals or family groups/“bubbles” is preferred, minimum is 1 metre.

●       Avoid grouping together; if a line forms, step back to ensure social distance.

●       Seating has been arranged to easily maintain spacing. Sit only where it is permitted.

●       Family groups and bubbles can sit together, distanced from other bubbles.

●       Ushers will be present to assist with observing the protocols.


During the service

●       Please keep your mask on. It may be removed if necessary while seated silently,
         but must be replaced before moving around.

●       We are permitted to sing or speak out quietly if seated, masked, and maintaining 2-meter distancing;
         humming and quiet speaking into a mask also are permitted.

●       If you bring an offering, place it in the plate at the entrance. There will be no collection by ushers.



●       Exit the building through your designated door as announced at the end of the service, directly while       
         maintaining distance between bubbles..

●       There is no gathering permitted inside the building after worship.

●       Chatting after service can take place outside on the lawn, appropriately distanced and preferably masked.


What if I do not attend in person? Can I still worship? YES!

Our technical team is working hard to live-stream the worship service for you to follow via ZOOM in real time. We commit at minimum to provide a recording as soon as possible after the service. This will be an ongoing process as skills and technology are developed. Thanks for your patience as our lives of faith continue to evolve!


Links to participate online are available as always in the Merging Waters worship page

We are looking forward to seeing you!

From Merging Waters Board and the Spiritual Formation Committee, with thanks to the many staff and volunteers who worked very hard to make this possible!