Our Vision and Mission

We, the people of Merging Waters United Church, join in inclusive community to declare, demonstrate, and celebrate God's presence and grace, as proclaimed through the life and example of Jesus Christ, through our love, service, hope and struggle for justice  


Living out our mission

we strive to:


Offer a a safe place for all.

We welcome into the life and ministry of our congregation people of any age, gender identity, race, ethnic background, sexual orientation, ability and social or economic circumstance.


Provide an environment of nurture, opportunity and challenge that enables all of God's people to realize their fullest potential and their

highest calling.


Use our facilities to foster opportunity  and improve the quality of life in our surrounding community.


Promote and contribute to environmental sustainability and the protection of our land and water resources through education and action.


Work toward freedom and justice for all people.

This includes reconciliation for indigenous justice, and  supporting refugees and asylum seekers as they e seek shelter from geopolitical conflict and establish new lives in Canada.  


Reach out with love and acceptance to all those who come through our doors.

Our Values



While Gospels are all meant to portray the message of God’s Love, Grace and Forgiveness, we always try to sing about all other related issues, making spirituality an easier thing to apprehend!


Living Faith

This phrase means so much more than the simple words can convey. While visiting the church on Sunday is one thing, living your whole life in accordance with the principles of decency is another!



Each minister at our church also sees himself as a kind of a missionary - preaching the word of God to all different kinds of people who all come from different backgrounds.



We value developing relationships in the church and out of the church. Being relational means taking the time to invest, care, and share in the life of others so that Christ is seen, felt, and heard.

New Here?

Find out how, where and when we worship. We hope to see you soon.