During our time of physical distancing we want to be able to continue the spiritual practices that bring us peace and connection. To support you in your continued practices at home please feel free to use these routines, remembering to respect your limits. If there is a pose you cannot do safely wait for the next pose.

Yoga can have different meanings for us all: seen as a body prayer, exercise, spiritual practice, or part of the routine in a healthy life it can remind us that our body, mind, and soul are all connected - as we are with one another, the Divine, and all the world.

Please do not attempt any activities that cause you pain, there is a difference between discomfort and pain, if you are unable to physically perform any pose do not attempt to do so. It is advised that you consult your physician before participating in any physical exercise. Yoga is gentle but intensive exercise - be aware that it is important to practice it safely. If you cannot participate safely please enjoy the video without attempting the poses. 

 Yoga with Bryson for Winter 2022

 Yoga with Bryson for Winter 2021

Yoga with Bryson

Chair Yoga with Bryson

Morning Yoga Routine

Sunday Restorative Yoga Routine

Intermediate Full Body Yoga Routine